How to write a winning essay about friendship: 4 helpful steps

How to write a winning essay about friendship: 4 helpful steps

You might need to write an essay in middle school, high school or college. And writing an essay about friendship may seem quite easy. But that’s right until you start writing. Settling in your armchair with your laptop and starting to type is not enough. A good essay requires some pre-thinking and a decent outline. We’re here to help you with some useful tips. If the task is challenging for you, our specialists are ready to write an essay for you.

Step 1: Brainstorm the concept of friendship

Take your time and think about it. You may use the clustering technique – just write down “FRIENDSHIP” in a big bubble in the center of a paper. Write down any ideas that come up to you around it:

  • What does this word remind you of?
  • What is friendship for you?
  • What is a true friend like?
  • Do you often help your friends?
  • Do you agree with the statement “Friendship is a treasure”?
  • Can you rely on your friends?

Don’t brush off the ideas that may seem silly or meaningless. After brainstorming you can try to state the main thesis of your essay. Choose a statement or saying, that best shows your attitude. For instance, it can be “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Once you’ve made up the thesis – move right to the next step.

Step 2. Make up a short outline

So, you are ready to share your thoughts about friendship. At this point you may face some challenges. You might have a lot to say about your friend or friends, and about your relationship with them. But what to start with? This is where outlining is of a huge use.

Good thing is to organize all your thoughts into a short plan. This will help you structure your essay and ease the whole process of writing. The essay outline should show the main idea – the heading, and subheadings – here you’ll share your thoughts about each idea. Be sure that subheadings are aligned with the main idea. When all the ideas are harmonized, you are ready to start writing a cohesive essay.

Your outline might consist of the following ideas:

  • Introduction;
  • Meaning of “friendship” for me;
  • Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity;
  • How should a person react to friend’s problems;
  • How I help my friends/How my friends help me;
  • Conclusion.

Think of nice headings for each idea you have. Share your thoughts and stick to the main thesis of your paper. Mind that sharing your life experience about friendship will add extra points to your essay grade! Adding a quote or saying by famous philosophers or artists is also a good point.

Step 3. Start writing the essay

To catch the reader’s attention, think of an interesting introduction and a catchy conclusion. The introduction should encourage people to read your paper till the very last word. And the conclusion, in its turn, is your tool to make people think “Wow! I didn’t even think of it this way!”.

You may start your essay with a quote and then write 1-2 sentences that prove it. It would be great if you write some examples from your life experience. People like other people’s stories. Then move to the main body. These tips will be helpful:

  1. Mind that each paragraph should smoothly flow into another.
  2. Don’t lose the connection to the main idea.
  3. Follow your outline.
  4. Don’t put too many ideas or thoughts in each paragraph (otherwise you’ll confuse your readers).
  5. Support the ideas with your own experience.

After all the parts of your essay about friendship are done, you may take a little break. But that’s not all.

Step 4. Read and double-check

The last but not the least is the secret Step 4. Even the most successful paper can be spoiled by such a nuisance as spelling or grammar mistakes. So, after you have a short break, become a reader, not the writer. Follow these guidelines to polish your brainchild:

  • Read your essay once and correct the mistakes, if any.
  • Re-read the paper and make sure the structure is good (each paragraph’s sense flows into the next one; the main idea goes through the whole text and has a logical conclusion at the end).
  • Pay attention to your introduction (Does it hook the reader’s attention?) and conclusion (Does it show your attitude or experience? Does it make the reader think?).

    You may even ask somebody to read your essay and give it an impartial assessment.

    Planning, thinking, and outlining – are the three pillars of a successful essay. Before writing about friendship you need to think a lot about your friends and you as a friend. Then recollect some interesting or cautionary experience from your life. After taking these steps you may start writing. There is only one thing you should avoid, while writing any paper – plagiarism! Full or partial, intentional or unintended, it makes your way to A-grade complicated.

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