How to Write a Gun Control Essay

How to Write a Gun Control Essay

Gun control is a debatable topic, such that it elicits opinions from various groups. There are many facets to gun control which is why it somewhat becomes a mundane task to write a gun control essay. There would be many questions that would race through your mind. Perhaps foremost of which is the position that you would take. How would you approach the topic? Should you be against it or should you be a pro.

Another thing that you may want to think about is the moral issue underlying the laws and regulations that affect the proliferation of guns in your country. Is it morally right to hold a gun in order to have your first line of defense in protecting yourself and your family? Should it be made as a last recourse when all hope is lost at preventing an offense meant to snuff the life out of your loved ones? Is it justified to keep a gun despite the number of repeated accidents at home where children are involved?

These are just some of the questions that many students should ponder upon whenever they are tasked to write a gun control essay. Once you are able to reflect deeply upon all these questions, you may now have something to write about concerning gun control.

Why Write A Gun Control Essay

A country made up of diverse cultures and beliefs. Time and again, the populace of first-world countries are known to be socially-aware individuals who never fail to express their opinions when it comes to issues that create a lasting impact on their lives or the lives of their friends. And while the country boasts of its rich and famous population, it also has its own share of poverty. Like any state, poverty and crime have a direct relationship. When the majority of the population is below the poverty line, then one can expect crime rates to also rise up. On the other hand, when more people have managed to get themselves out of the poverty line, then it simply means that they were able to find ways to feed themselves.

Where does gun control come in? Many of the crimes perpetrated often involve the use of a gun. In fact, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey, in 2011, there were 467,321 persons who became victims of crimes perpetrated using a firearm. The sheer number of individuals is overwhelming that people could no longer close their eyes on the issue of whether it is still ideal to allow ownership of handguns, or tighten gun control measures just to prevent the violence that almost always is associated with gun ownership. This is why students are tasked to write such an essay so that they could likewise understand and dig deeper into the crux of gun control.

What Students Learn from a Gun Control Essay

The moment students hire a professional online essay writer to write a gun control essay for them, they will be able to present arguments that would be worthy of the attention of their professors. They will also learn from the essay and establish a certain stand when it comes to the issue. Summing it up, students will be able to learn:

  1. Why some states have stricter gun control laws?
  2. Why gun control has always been a debatable topic?
  3. Will tighter gun control measures help prevent crime?
  4. What are the legal implications surrounding gun control laws?
  5. Can the state survive without guns?

These are the five basic questions that a gun control essay will delineate. This will give students the chance to see the important points, principles that have shaped gun control laws that are in existence today. From the time that you start to ponder upon these five basic questions, you will be able to hack any kind of argument concerning gun control. Through the professionally-written essay, you will be able to present your stance in the most convincing manner.

Why some states have stricter gun control laws?

Basically, gun control laws vary because of the legislations as well as gun culture that exist in that state. Obviously, legislators are the ones passing bills which later on become the law. Of course, they are also the ones who approve them. Legislators have full control as to which measures will become a state law, as well as to the parameters of its implementation. The manner by which they decide cannot be ascertained and can even be viewed as unquestionable. Suffice to say, they decide based on their own personal preferences. There is no question of morality here, but only legality. For as long as the bill for a loose gun control measure is passed, it then becomes legal.

On the other hand, for states whose legislators view tight gun control as a means to prevent crimes, then these are the states where carrying a firearm can only be legally done in the strictest situations. Just like states with loose gun control laws, the moment that legislators start to have a change of heart, mind and vision, and would begin embracing the notion that more guns is good, then it could also create a shift on how the same legislators approach gun control measures.

Why gun control has always been a debatable topic?

The debate on gun control stems from the fact that there are two opposing views to it - those who are for it and those who are against it. Those who are in favor of loose gun control laws believe that guns are made to protect individuals and their families. They treat guns as a means to defend their lives, property and loved ones. They also see it as a means to keep the peace in a community. Without guns, they believe that it would be hard for them to protect their own families.

On the other hand, those groups of people who believe in the implementation of stricter gun control laws believe the contrary. They see guns as a means of perpetrating violence rather than keeping the peace. For them, firearms are those used by criminals to perpetrate crime. In fact, researchers have started seeing a trend that the rate of mass shootings has been significantly higher in locations where restrictions on guns are minimal. Ready access to guns also means an easier time for perpetrators to get hold of their weapon of choice and commence the criminal act. This is why that the views between the two warring factors will never meet as they are as opposed as the poles. Those who are for loose gun control will never view guns as a means for violence, while those who are against it will never see it as a means to keep the peace.

Will tighter gun control measures help prevent crime?

Just like with what was mentioned above, the rate of mass shootings has been higher in areas where access to firearms is not difficult. This could lead to a conclusion of the possibility that tighter gun control measures may also help in preventing crime. Consider this scenario, a mugger on the street with a gun can easily rob an innocent person of his or her belongings. The gun renders the victim without a fighting chance to survive unless he has mastery of some defensive skills. However, a mugger, without a gun, perhaps with a lesser weapon, may give his victim a means to defend himself, even if the chances are likewise low. At this point, the crime could be at the attempted stage but not fully consummated.

Despite the data that many researchers have presented, still, many locations spread across the state are pro-guns and would rather have lesser restrictions on gun control than tight ones.

What are the legal implications surrounding gun control laws?

Since gun control laws set the parameters when it comes to gun ownership, these laws either prohibit or permit individuals to get hold of a gun. If some states require the age of majority before they could own a gun, there may be states that require a much older age, or perhaps younger. If some states implement several processes before anybody could get hold of a gun, there might be some states where you can easily own a gun simply by entering a gun shop and buying a gun for yourself.

For states with lesser restrictions, the liability for gun-owning individuals could also be reduced. For instance, in a crime where a firearm was used to kill another, the prosecution may not fully anchor its argument on the fact that the suspect bought a firearm a day before the crime was perpetrated. Why? This is because buying guns in that state is allowed and doing so may not exactly establish the motive to commit murder.

This is just one example of a legal implication when it comes to gun control laws. There are so many other implications that variations in gun control can be discussed.

Can the state survive without guns?

This is a question that should be left to legislators. Every location will be a test case. The number one factor that would be considered here will be the number of crimes that were committed using guns. Did it increase? Did it decrease? For as long as there are opposing views to gun control measures, this question may be answered in a thousand subjective ways, it will not see any point of equilibrium.

As you finish your gun control essay, you can feel free to discuss your conclusion with regards to the five points presented. You can even add your own personal opinion. There is no right or wrong answer here. After all, the purpose of your essay is for you to be able to express what you believe in and what you think is right when it comes to your country’s gun control laws.