How to Write an Abortion Essay Well Supported with Arguments

How to Write an Abortion Essay Well Supported with Arguments

Useful tips on how to write a quality essay about abortion problem and express your own opinion in a proper way.

Abortion essay might be an overview of the abortion history, or defend the idea of woman’s full rights for her body. Anyway, there are rules to write it.

A well argumented essay on a serious topic, such as the problem of abortion legal status in modern world, is not only meant to express writer's own opinion about the question but also (and no less importantly) to display their ability to analyze in their essay a complex modern social problem, to discuss it after viewing from different (even opposite) sides and to write a well-grounded conclusion. Consequently, there are numerous crucial requirements one should not neglect in order to present this essay to the respective audience successfully.

Make an Overview of the Abortion Controversies, Analyze Different Sides and Explain Personal Involvement

First, a brief but informative overview of the abortion problem must be provided. The abortion is a very controversial issue in many countries today, heavily debated in US and a lot of other societies, including the developing ones. The primary issue to write about is the abortion made at woman’s own will, not because of her medical condition; the latter is not a problem in most countries. On one hand there is an argument of a person’s right to do what she wishes with her own body, but on the other hand another argument exists: her fetus’ right to live. Thus, it conflicts with a broad range of religious, cultural and even political dogmas. The main problem opposing this one is whether a fetus is to be considered a complete human being having a right to live. In general, most conservative and traditionalist parties are against an ‘unlimited’ right of abortion, while liberal circles are strongly supporting this idea.

Summing it up, the abortion problem has the following key aspects:

  • Legal,
  • Cultural,
  • Religious,
  • Political.

All these concerns and opposing sides’ opinions and arguments are to be briefly overviewed in the abortion essay.

It would be useful to explain the author's own interest in the abortion problem, or relation to the chosen thesis. Providing their own opinion should also be useful. It might be a personal experience, a family member’s problem or just a general concern because of any other reasons. This helps to tie the other parts together and besides could facilitate inviting the audience to a discussion about the abortion controversy when presenting the completed research.

Justify the Topic Choice Using Well Grounded Arguments to Support It

A few other reasons of choosing this specific topic should also be provided. It could be:

  • Its importance for country or society,
  • Its importance for the author or the audience,
  • Its relevance to the latest trends.

Because of its complexity, the abortion problem requires thorough approach when justifying this choice of a topic. It would be useful to cite other popular research works about the abortion right controversy in various countries or to refer to latest related events, particularly in the US or other countries. Today a lot of sources and publications about this problem are available, so the writer’s main task is to pick the most appropriate ones and also to ensure this new research brings certain originality into the discourse, for example new argument for one of the sides of the abortion controversy.

Good reasoning of the topic choice is important because:

  • It highlights the author's interest or relation to it,
  • It supports the author’s opinion,
  • It explains its importance or relevance,
  • It explains the purpose of the research.

The valid and properly explained purpose should conclude the introduction of the abortion essay. The author might be willing to raise awareness about this issue among the audience, to try solving some elements of the controversy or to add their own input into this global historical debate. The research purpose shapes the future conclusion part, proposing the questions which are to be answered in the end of the essay.

Write about the Essay Scope

Next important step of preparation  for the abortion essay is to define the research scope. The abortion rights question can be regarded on a global scale or in a single country. It might be the author's homeland, some universally important society such as the US, or any other one significant in this particular case for some reason – this reason must be explained in the essay. Furthermore, this question can be analyzed within different time frames: this year, last decade or even the last 400 years. Finally, the author can focus on certain female social groups, picking them by color, ethnicity, religion, or income level. In an essay, it is hardly possible to talk about all countries and all eras, as such a research would take too much time for one person to complete. So the better option will be to narrow the scope by all aspects, e.g. analyzing the abortion question in Eastern Europe in 1980s.

Selected scope defines the number of sources available for the essay author. Of course, the more it was narrowed, the less sources are appropriate for usage. A research of abortion problem in 1980s cannot be illustrated with data from 2010s, though it could be possible to refer to earlier periods (e.g. 1970s) to analyze the changes over the decade. Of course, there are enough materials about the abortion controversies especially for the recent decades since this question has been actively debated about throughout almost the whole 20th century.

Select Valid Sources to Support the Research Idea and Write Their Brief Overview

Another important part of source picking for the abortion essay is validating their credibility, as good as it is possible. Articles published in reputable sources, books by well-known researchers or investigations by world’s major news journals are among the top candidates. Better to avoid citing sources with bad reputation or reviews by unknown authors posted on not quite trustworthy websites. Political publications from either side of the abortion controversy might be not the best material for an essay looking into the medical aspect of the problem, but can be useful for the author who aims to defend certain ethical point of view.

Of course, any sources directly or indirectly cited in the essay must be listed in a separate section. Depending on scholarly requirements, more or less detailed references to these sources should be put within the text, wherever appropriate.

Write the Main Part According to the Purpose and the Scope

Having specified all the important parts explained above, the author has now to continue with descriptions, analysis and arguments to find the answers to all questions put in the beginning. The text should be plain and concise, providing detailed descriptions without unnecessarily overcomplicated structures. Be it a dive into the medical details of the abortion process or an ethical opinion, the way author writes her or his essay must be adequate and understandable to the audience. The abortion rights problem is very complicated and highly relevant for today’s society, so presenting the essay on this topic is not an easy task and requires a proper preparation.